4x4 Drive of the Jeep TJ

The standard setting for the drive on the Jeep TJ 4x4 is for rear wheel drive. The change over to 4x4 can be made at any time though - that's when things start getting exciting.

I can switch my vehicle to either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.
The trick is an upgrade which is not exaclty cheep:
The separate activation of the individual wheel axles can be done by computer. This provides the power that you expect of a Jeep under all road conditions. A Jeep never gets stuck or bogged down. The ultimate vehicle for the off road freak.

A 4x4 Drvie that leaves nothing to be Desired on the Jeep TJ Wrangler 4x4

The advantages of an all wheel drive that can be activated manually are clear. 4x4 only when you really need it.
Naturally you'll activate it in off road conditions or as in Canada often done, when you use the Jeep as a snow plow.

No other SUV is as reliable and easy to handle, as said Jeep Wrangler.
Even if there are reports to the contrary, we use it often and regularly and then see other so called SUVs, that were graded better by journals, stuck by the side of the road or broken down. This at places where the Jeep Wrangler hasn't even begun to be challenged and drives on as if it were on a clear highway.